How to join

Joining us is easy. And if you’re looking for a club to join we invite you to pop along next meeting for a FREE day on us. All we ask is that your BFMA insured or we can offer a temp cover for £5, which is payable on the day. Or pop along to watch for free and see what its all about.

If you you find that we are what you’re looking for then annual membership is our only membership option. Either £50 rolling fee OR £15 payment trial payment which includes 30 days insurance with BMFA. Terms and conditions apply and subject to changes at any time.

BFMA insurance is mandatory and can be paid directly to the club or to BMFA. You must have this insurance to fly on any days you visit. Inexperienced pilots are welcome and should be supervised by approved club member at all times, BMFA cover will be valid for 30 days only and will require full BMFA cover thereafter. Please speak to a member of club admin for more details.

All BMFA details can be found on there website


Why us?

Here are some key points that makes us stand out

  • None Profit (All payments to club are put directly into club for purchases)
  • On site Electric points for charging
  • WC Onsite
  • Weather shelter (Yes we fly between showers)
  • Hardstanding parking and close to flying field
  • Everyone welcome