As some will be aware that the CAA has now put it to us to answer their questions to help shape the laws that will come in effect at some point.

It’s time to have our say. I urge everyone to answer them, please keep reading.

The BMFA has asked use to pass on some recommendations to our visitors and BMFA members at our club.

The following document is for guidance only and should be read fully. It is a guide to help shape our future as "drone" users.

The government intends to introduce new laws to address the perceived safety, security and privacy threats that arise from the increasing use of drones.

These new rules will affect model flying.

You have been sent this document to encourage you to support your model flying association, and your hobby, by responding to the public consultation, preferably in accordance with the advice given.

 BMFA Drone Legislation Guidance <---- Please read in full before answering the Gov drone legislation use restrictions and enforcement questionnaire

 BMFA Club Bulletins

The government’s proposals are in a document called “Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK” which may be found online here:
The consultation closes on 17th September 2018.